A Geography rich Today Programme – vote now !!

The Today programmeBBC Radio 4’s flagship breakfast radio show, the Today Programme is holding a vote, to allow a group of listeners to edit the show on New Years day.

One team of listeners David Lambert, Dan Raven-Ellison and Hannah Bosher are suggesting using Geography to frame the days issues and to understand the impact of “space’ on our lives.

As they say.. ‘The power of history to help explain the present is routinely acknowledged, but the significance of place and space, and geographical scale, far less so. And what about the future? In a crowded, risky world, geographical perspectives help us think intelligently about the future.’

This is the same team behind the “Give Geography is Space” campaign, so get voting now !!

4 replies on “A Geography rich Today Programme – vote now !!”


My votes in. Agree with Charles, would be nice to here a rational and properly informed debate on getting access to highly accurate and current data.


Thanks you – first for your support and second for the programme idea. We are grappling with the implications of this opportunity (not least on how one spends NY’s eve. Perhaps the least phased is Hannah, who is in fact 14 years old, not 15 as stated.

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