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UK Mash-up event

Mash up eventI blogged a few months ago in response to Charles Arthur on the perceived lack of UK mapping mashups. While I did not agree at the time with his position that lack of data was the major problem, I guess we must accept that he is right to note the lower profile of creating mash-ups in the UK compared to the USA.

This is a pity for whatever reason as the mash-up movement represents a potential hot spot for innovation in the Geospatial industry. To discuss the state of UK mashups the AGI, OGC and BCS Geospatial SIG are holding an event at the OS on the 20th October.

The Draft agenda includes the following topics..

  • What geospatial mash-ups are all about?
  • Background on Geospatial Mash-ups
  • Example Mash-up Application
  • Questions and Facilitated Discussion
  • Geospatial Mash-up Tutorial
  • How are we going to make use of geospatial mash-ups in the UK?
  • Enabling Data Sharing in Mash-ups
  • Panel Discussion: What does the future hold for mash-ups – single malt, blended or moonshine?

The event is primarily targeted at the existing GI industry – including those from commercial and non-commercial standpoints, and the expected audience will encompass both those with a strong technical perspective and those with wider strategic vision and market foresight.

We need to recognise that the concept of geospatial mash-ups is increasingly being discussed, but is not widely understood in the traditional GI community in the UK.

This event is designed to bring together the leading experts in the field, and to learn from them how the approach could be more widely applied across the GI industry.

As an industry we may well find this a challenging concept or simply characterise it as “putting pins on a map”, however it might also mark the beginnings of a wider trend where the ownership of information becomes much more distributed in the future…

To register visit this page

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