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The best Google Maps hack yet ?


Goggles is a flash based ‘Flight simulator” that lets you fly around Google Maps imagery.

Great fun, don’t fly to low, but who knows what licensing issues this throws up 🙂

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Hi Ed,
This hack amused me too especially when Ian and i found out if you hit space bar it fires rockets!!

If only you could fly over the picket line and shoot! 🙂


Not a very professional attitude TJMartin especially from an OS employee and particularly when it is in the public domain.

It seems my attempt at being humerous failed and has upset some people.

For that i am sincerely apologising for those that i have offended and would like to clarify that it was supposed to be seen in a light heartened fashion.

I completely understand that it is a delicate situation and my comment was not meant to undermine that.

I hope that everyone who did not see it in the light i meant will accept my apology

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