If it wasn’t for those pesky kids

Is Peter Cochrane turning into an “Old Git” ?, he comments in his blog this week, that the internet is suffering this summer from all those kids at home downloading mp3, movies and games from bittorrent and generally spreading trojans and malware as they go…

Not sure I have seen any evidence of this, the “pipes” of the internet seem much the same as they were earlier in the year to me, and the solution to poor online security is better education and better written operating systems (roll on vista?).

These “pesky kids” also represent the next generation of customers and most importantly for the IT industry the next generation of IT professionals, a generation of IT literate young people is actually just what we need.

To me this sounds like an indirect attack on net neutrality ?

Written and submitted from the Holiday Inn Southampton, using my Vodafone 3G network card.

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