ESRI UC Day 1 – My Stadium Rock moment..

ESRI UC main session

I of course knew it was coming, but is was nevertheless a very strange experience to see my face projected 10 metres high on the six screens at the ESRI user conference, as a video made by ESRI at the OS to celebrate the organisation winning this years Presidents Award was shown.

We are of course very proud to have been given the award, but what I don’t think came across very clearly today, is that it is really an award for the whole organisation, a wonderful team of people who are represented by the eleven of us here at the user conference.

The OS away team

The OS Away team with Jack, David Walsh, Steve Bennett, myself, Vanessa Lawrence, David Henderson, Matt White, Tim Warr, and Chris Maidens (Not in the picture Chiran Paruchuri, Rex Corfield and Malcolm Havercroft)

The OS has come a long way in the last few years and has even further to travel to really meet the needs of our customers, but where we are today is the product of hundreds of very bright people who care with a passion about their work and the organisation they work for.

My thanks to them and to Jack for recognising our success.

Written and submitted from the Wyndham San Diego Hotel, using a local open wifi network.

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Hello Ed. That’s a big step up from eating raw fish in Denmark. We’ll bump into each other again at some future conference. Cheers — PD

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