Sat Nav.. how old is your data ?

Thanks to Adena at allpoints for pointing out this press release from Navteq announcing their new “Sat Nav” Challenge website which allows users to find out if there is updated data for their navigation system.

navteq data

Great I though.. I checked for my system, only to find that my system is not listed.., although my Nissan X-Trail has a factory fit navigation system, the data comes from Zenrin and is not compatible with either navteq or Tele Atlas data for that matter. Zenrin as you might guess don’t seem to offer updates..

My car is two years old, the data on the navigation DVD was published two years earlier so I am using at least four year old data – and I am unable to update.

In my view this is not an acceptable situation, once again a new technologies growth is been limited by a “walled garden’ approach to technology in the same way LBS will not take off until the applications are separated from the network providers, sat nav will stall unless there is an open data format for navigation systems.

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I have come to the conclusion that I will never buy a factory fit sat nav system again, they are poor value, offer poor functionality and are little understood by the dealer network.

You could try and argue with Nissan, or just pay a few hundred Euros for a Garmin or Tom Tom device.


If it’s any consolation I’ve just spoken to Nissan and they said that there is a version 6.0 upgrade (cost about £180) for 2006 but if you try and install it over a previous version you may totally corrupt the Sat Nav. BTW the chap I spoke to said the new version doesn’t have the M6 toll road on it…

just got back from france, my nissan xtrail 05 was ok, but picked a crap route. I just bought a map and routed on new roads that the satnav didnt have, the longer this goes on the less use the system will be, there must be a solution

i have just gotten my hands on the latest 6.0 upgrade for a Nissan Primera and if you live in Ireland then don’t waste your money. It shows the names of small housing estates in small villages but does not show the names of the villages themselves and towns with populations of in excess of 15,000 people are not on it either. Total crap.

My Wife and i recently started caravaning with a 55 plate X trail and Nissan instaled Sat Nav, being unfamilure with these systems i presumed that paper maps were out dated and this new gear would get me any where, how wrong could one be.
From Bens comment above i am making another presumption that the disk i hold is of the same age.
The big problem with this system comes when all you have of the address is the post code or GPS location this system canot handle the infomation, i have also found the system limited in travel information, ie declaring traffic problems and/or road closures when this is not the case (out of date travel info)
Other comments relating to attitude from a major player in the car market only frustrate me more for the sake of customer relations i thought Nissan would be prepared to work with thier customers, this is obviously not the case If any one can sugest a suitable solution to combat Nissans Blasay attitude i would love to here it

I have heard nothing but bad news about nissan.I’m going to sell my 06 navara before i start spending big money on her

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