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Innsbruck in a day… thanks to Tom Tom

Just on my way back from a whistle stop trip to Innsbruck – there are still a few places in Europe where it is still only just possible to visit in a day.. I was there to present to some of the team drafting the technical details that will make the Inspire directive to share environmental information in Europe work… well as soon at is passed in a form acceptable to all 🙂

My Journey was only just possible because i was trying out one of the new Tom Tom navigation systems, which came fully loaded with no only the full European road network but North American roads also.. This really is the ipod of navigation systems !

So a round trip of 450Km later I’m back at the airport in Munich and I did not get lost once !! – Now if only my flight was not delayed…

Written and submitted from the Delta Crown Room Lounge, at Munich Airport using the t-mobile wifi network.

One reply on “Innsbruck in a day… thanks to Tom Tom”

Ed: Good to read on satnav among toher things on your blog.

one reason i am very happy with satnav:

it used to take me hour if not many minutes to find the nearest supermarket without this system and by the time i found the supermarket would have had a good fight with the better half while searching for the right road. Thats the scene B4. And since last 12 months the no of fights (on ‘Directions’) is NONE 🙂 That says it all.

On another note, i wonder, how would it look when there will be ‘Ozzie’ collaboration in the world of satnav and A can see (and track) B and C also on his satnav system. One might question the need and benefits and hence possibilities of someone investing in such a possibility but then who knows?

wondering, if you have any views there?

To me, it doesnt look as distant as satnav controlled vehicles on road.

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