OSGB National Grid – get it here for free !!

The OS has just launched a commercial service through partners to provide a highly accurate real-time positioning service based on GPS called OSNet. This launch overshadowed the redevelopment of the Free (Yes Free !!) resources that are provided to users of GPS in Great Britain which includes a software library for software developers to translate between GPS co-ordinates (WGS84/ETRS89) and the OSGB National Grid, and an online conversion tool.

These free resources can be found at;-

With the increased use of handheld GPS and the production of continental scale datasets it seems that Lat/Long is becoming a more widespread mainstream system, still I can’t imagine the OS ever giving up on a Cartesian system such as the OSGB National Grid, as for most purposes it is far more practical.

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[…] I was chatting to someone about projections inside ArcGIS last week and also reading here, (a SOAP service as well as the ASP app would be cool) and realised that a lot of people do not necessarily know that ArcGIS supports a number of different transformations for converting from WGS84 to OSGB36 and that these have different levels of error. ArcGIS supports the standard EPSG projections and transformation methods between the 2 coordinate systems. If you add data that is in WGS 84 or Lat/Long to an ArcMap project that is in British National Grid (Or the other way around) you will usually see the following dialog box […]

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