MapSat plans revealed


After a number of years planning, we finally got round to signing the contract to build a new micro satellite dedicated to the needs of the Ordnance Survey. MapSat will be built over the next 18 months by Guildford Space Projects, and launched in 2009 using a COSMOS launch vehicle.

MapSat will feature a 2m resolution full colour CCD based sensor similar to those used in high end HD digital video cameras. The primary role of TopSat will be the acquisition of imagery for the covers of the Ordnance Surveys popular Explorer maps.

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Ho Ho Ho….. 🙂 Don’t we all wish… well for actual maps rather than the covers at least!

Imposition of cash controls have already meant that the launch vehicle is now to be a Space X Falcon 1. As a result, the satellite will finaly be live in 2017 and at the third attempt.

The payload build will also come under the same constraints, with the contract being moved from the team at Surrey Univercity to Elbonia where Sha Gido G, and his team will put together a fine example of orbital call centre technology, perfectly adapted to service the OS Help desk requirements.

You also forgot the bit about it being in collaboration with the Met Office who are going to arrange the clouds to be parted as MapSat passes over…

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