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Origami useful for mappers ?

No this is not about folding maps, rather a link to Geoff Zeiss comments on the usefulness of the new generation of mobile devices.

The mainstream IT press seems to have really stuck the knife into these devices, comparing them unfavourably to laptops and even tablet pc’s.

But as Geoff points out such devices really are useful to mobile workers, particularly if the issues with battery management are fixed – the two hours possible today is just not enough.

Now if these devices were to ship with solid state storage as announced by Samsung at Cebit, then you have a potentially robust solution with good battery life – a product that professional mobile users would pay a premium for.

Add to the mix ubiquitous wireless network availability, and applications like ArcGIS Explorer which I saw demoed again today in Redlands, which allow access to server based data not only for visualisation but also analysis, and you have quite a compelling proposition..

So Origami like devices do have a place, but as vertical solutions for professional mobile users, not the consumer market where users want smartphones !

Written and submitted from The Hilton Hotel, San Bernardino, using the hotel in-room internet connection.

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