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MapQuest API – a different business model ?

As James at Spatially Adjusted points out MapQuest joins GMY with it’s mapping API. Beyond the “Me too” aspects what is interesting here is that MapQuests’ business model is already very well established as an application service provider.

So here the free API is almost a demo for its commerical services, as the T&C’s state..

“The MapQuest OpenAPI is available free of charge for non-commercial use within the stated transaction levels of 50,000 combined maps and geocodes and 5,000 routes per day. If your needs fall outside of OpenAPI’s terms please refer to MapQuest Business Solutions for additional options.”

It’s easy to forget with all the hype around google local and local live, that MapQuest is still the most used web mapping engine.

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[…] Die Öffnung des Angebots klingt natürlich auf den ersten Blick wie das Me-Too von jemandem, der etwas verspätet zur Party kommt, aber MapQuest ist ja nun nicht irgendwer, und da gibt’s schon ein paar Features, die für interessante Mashups sorgen können, etwa das Routing. Ich bin mal auf den ersten Vergleichstest der verschiedenen Mapping-APIs gespannt. (Siehe auch Ed Parsons kurzen Post zum Thema.) […]

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