GIS Thoughts one year on

Today is the first birthday of my blog, one year ago today I wrote my first blog entry and a lot has happened since!

In the industry we have seen the Web 2.0 meets mapping developments of GMY (Google, Microsoft and Yahoo), Google Earth and the announcement of ESRI”s ArcGIS Explorer a very important product for Redlands.

In the UK the creation of Address databases continues to be a complete minefield for all involved (just don’t ask me talk about address databases!!) and the debate around the funding of National Geospatial data continues, while community spatial databases like openstreetmap become a reality.

Increasing people are looking to blogs as a valid source of information as an alternative to more traditional media outlets which are often slower and increasingly lack any journalistic value just becoming repeaters of corporate PR.

There is a danger than many blogs may go that way also, I hope not – where blogs really add value is in allowing authors opinions to be expressed without restriction and this is particularly powerfully when combined with “insider” information.

I know I would be lost without my daily fix of All-Points, Spatially Adjusted with James Fee, Very Spatial, The Tao of Mac, Adam Curry Podcast.

Over the past year I have posted 157 entries on which have generated nearly 200,000 discrete site visits and over 600,000 page impressions.

I’m just on my way to the OGC meeting in Huntville, more details next week.

Written and submitted from Heathrow Airport, using the free internet connection in the BA lounge.

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