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Last week we hosted at the Ordnance Survey a group from Lantmäteriet the Swedish Mapping Agency who were interested in our programme to develop a new geospatial data management system.

I guess we should not be too surprised, but not only are the problems we are trying to solve very similar but the approach to solving them including the technology choices in terms of ESRI and Oracle are also very much aligned. We were happy to share our experiences and some of the painful lessons learnt over the past couple of years, experiences which we need to be shared as anyone thinking of delivering such a programme would face the same challenges.

The OS business model is not to offer consultancy to other organisations, and at the same time we still need to complete our programme successful so we are not an “open house”, however over the next year or so look for a series of presentations from the OS on our experiences in building real enterprise GIS systems.

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Hi Ed
Thanks for all important information and experiences you and team gave us on the visit.
Our approach to solve the business tasks is quite similar to the OS approach on the mapping side but there are also differences.
I hope we over the next year can have the possiblity to invite the CTO of OS to Sweden for a visit and present how we managed the modernisation programme.

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