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BBC investigates Mobile tracking

Tracking your mobile

Earlier this year I was a guest on a BBC radio programme looking into Geospatial technology, one of the topics of debate was the growing industry of tracking. Now the BBC has followed this up on their World Service Programme Click this week.

Although the report perhaps overplays the accuracy of mobile phone based tracking it does fairly in my view cover the ethical issues of tracking, identifying a potential loop-hole in the UK industry guidelines.

Still in these days of “security” driven government legislation, I sometimes think we worry about the wrong things.. it’s not your partner or parent you need to worry has the potential to track you.

I still believe the usefulness of your location being discovered by a service provider with your permission is hugely valuable and is something that will result in the growth of a whole family of new embedded geospatial applications.

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Are there any cost effective GPS location devices that a programmer can attach to a fleet of mini-buses so that riders have a clue when the darn thing is arriving by sending an SMS message?

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