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Galileo improves boiled eggs !

By using spacebourne atomic clocks, Europes chefs will be able to produce the perfect boiled egg.

Ok so I am joking.. but based on the reporting so far of todays successful launch of the Giove-A satelitte – I would not be surpised to find it somewhere.

Make no mistake Galileo when operational will be a technically superior system to GPS and will expand the potential uses of precise positioning hugely.

But the real story here, should be how this political endeavor will be funded? – the costs of the development and then operation of Galileo is expected to come largely from commercial operations – a market not yet established ?

Will satnav makers be willing to license chipsets to receive Galileo signals ?

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OK, admittedly, my technical knowledge of how GPS works is rudimentary at best.
So, maybe I’ve missed something.

I was driving into work this morning and first heard this story on
NPR. When
I got into the office, I Googled the story and read several differnt reports. What’s
up with all the news feeds on this story? Unless I’ have completely misunderstood this
part of our industry, the GPS offers better than

5 meter
accuracy. GPS units are available to the “general public” that offer sub-meter accuracy.

From Galileo to Gigabucks

Thanks Ed, for making me think so early in the morning. Ed’s blog entry for today asks about how Galileo will make any money.
It all points to Google. Or Yahoo. Or Mircosoft. Or A9.

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