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Terrafuture featured on the Very Spatial Podcast

Jessie and Sue featured the terrafuture podcasts on their Very Spatial podcast episode 17.

Jessie and Sue are a pair of academics who produce a weekly show on Geography and GIS technology, and although rather US centric is really worth subscribing to.

This week’s discussion focused on the topic of private or personal data, interesting in that it seemed to demonstrate the different attitudes between the US and Europe, where in the US generally, data needs to be identified as private with the expectation that most data is in the public domain, in Europe the reverse is true, data is assumed to be private with legislation like the data protection act to protect access to personal information.

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ESRI’s “Google Killing” ArcExplorer 2.0

ESRI has released ArcExplorer 2.0. It’s claimed by some to be a “Google Earth” killer. It’s not surprising that ESRI has a response to GE, and that it didn’t take them long to do so! An interesting note though… ArcExplorer 2.0 reads, among lots …

Interesting comment from Warsaw!
I would have preferred if Ed ellaborated on the “building anti-google sentiment” a bit, as I am not aware of such… Except the anti-sentiment generated by “enemies of the open skies”, but I might not know it all…
Also, I read that Google is also having a WMS-enabled new client, and WFS could come soon. I am not saying they were not late in going “open”, we have repeatedly asked for that too, but maybe this will help in having Google also more “open standards oriented” in the future…
But let’s see what this new ESRI product will offer… I wonder why all well-paying ESRI customers are not already be beta-testing it…


Happy to comment.. the auto-google thing I guess is a reflection of the view of some people that Google is ‘trying to take over the world” and when you get down to if google’s motive is to increasing it’s advertising revenue. I personally don’t have any problem with this whatsoever – but some people I think saw google mistakenly as a source of ‘free data”.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.. Google has had such a positive impact on the GI industry it will be interesting to see how the “old guard” respond.


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