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Content is king..if its simple

Video iPod

So things are beginning to calm down in regard to the hype around the introduction of the video capable iPod. But the big news I think behind the hardware is that Apple have cut a deal with ABC television in the States to distribute via the iTunes music store (iTMS), television programmes including Lost and Desperate Housewives (these are not available outside the US due to licensing arrangements) .

For a $1.99 you can download any of these programmes the day after they are shown to view on your computer as well as of course your iPod.

As with the original iPod it’s success comes not only from a its fabulous design, but also from the ease of obtaining content for it, one click at iTMS brings a single track or an album right onto your device. What Apple successfully did was to arrange distribution deals with all the major record companies, against their better judgement, to put in place pricing and licensing agreements that are very simple -a single universal price for each track, playback restricted to five devices etc. The result HUGH SUCCESS and now they are doing the same for video.

In some ways you could argue that Google Local (nee maps) has started to do the same thing, but I think the GI industry needs to learn a lot from the iTunes experience, and yes, that does include the Ordnance Survey. The OS needs to introduce simpler licensing, making available small amounts of mapping data on demand for the increasingly technology literate, traditional topographic map user.

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