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Google Maps API meets the podfather

Inventor of podcasting Adam Curry has discovered the google maps api, in his latest Daily Source Code podcast he talks extensively on the subject and is clearly very excitied about the possibilites of using it along with GPS to produce “indie” mapping data and services.

There seems to be a mainstream hype developing around google maps/earth at the moment – I had a call from the BBC today looking into doing a piece on Radio 4 on google earth !

2 replies on “Google Maps API meets the podfather”

Interesting blog, I really do hope the GIS industry is SENSIBLE enough to leave such such standards be and not ’ tweak’ or ‘bolt bits’ on UNLESS these are 100% backwards compatible or are earth shattering breakthroughs that could change our lives.

The Electronics and IT Industries have really polluted some excellent ’standards’ over the years, must have dented investor confiendence on numerous occasions I’d have thought.

Oh… and maybe your next blog could enlighten us about ‘KML’ with the advent of Google Earth?

Google Maps and Google Earth were the subject of much discussion at GML Days this year…with a specific focus around whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. There were parties in both camps but I believe the bad camp simply feels a bit jilted. I briefly comment on this subject in my blog (

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