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I got a call from a old friend earlier this week, who pointed me in the direction of an IT Conversations podcast which I had missed. Like many of IT conversations programmes this was a recording of a conference session, in this case the Web 2.0 conference held last October, and the topic was a panel discussion on Geolocation: The Killer Map.

The panel included Tim O’Reilly, John Betz of Microsoft MapPoint, Perry Evans the Founder of MapQuest, Kim Fennell, of Telcontar and John Hanke of CEO Keyhole, now of course Google.

It’s just 15 minutes long but really worth listening to.. the discussion around the moral implications of location aware applications are very interesting. I’m happy that my personal interest in location aware rather than location based applications is picked up on by a number of the speakers.

These are the people who are really taking GI mainstream, and thanks James for the steer.

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