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Coming up in September..

Looks like I’m going to be having a busy September, following my vacation I’m back to talk at the Society of Cartographers Summer School in Cambridge and at a event we are holding at the OS called Terra future. The events although in many ways very different are both focusing in on the increasing use of information, and geographic information in particular in mainstream applications.

Steve Chilton has put together a very interesting agenda for Cambridge, and I’m looking forward to debating public access to mapping data with the evangelists of the “open geodata’ movement including Steve Coast and Jo Walsh co-author of Mapping Hacks.

Terra future, later on in the month looks at the role of location information for all business markets over the next decade, with a eye on developments in information technology and the expected changes in society as these impact on users of GI. Speakers include Peter Cochrane ex-CTO of BT and author of a must read blog on, Richard Scase, Prof. of Organisational Behaviour at the University of Kent; and Jayant Sharma – Oracle Corporation’s technical director for spatial products development.

These really are exciting times to be in the GI industry, who would have thought even a few months back, that so much interest would be generated by a few web mapping applications and how much these events would fire peoples imaginations as to what is possible.

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Missed you at the blogger get together at Dick’s. I enjoy reading your post and was hoping to put a face with the blog. Keep blogging and hopefully we can all meet up next year in San Diego.

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