And now there is Mactel !!!

So the rumours were true as reported by cNet, Apple are switching from IBM to Intel processors for future Mac’s.

Much jeering of the Mac fundamentalists no doubt, but it is just the CPU in the box – it appears from Apple CEO Jobs that MacOS X has always been compiled for Intel chips in secret, so the mirgration is nowhere near as big as it might have been.

Apple will not allow anybody to produce Mac clones and they are really not going to produce ugly boxes in beige.

Watch the video stream here, Steve Jobs remains the worlds greatest IT salesman, running his mainstage demo on an Intel powered Mac !!

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The same thought went through my mind over the past few weeks. I thought that podcasting would be a great way to update maps from a network of providers. This technology has some potential in the geospatial world. The iPod Photo can store images (JPEGs) and play them on a television screen. Why not use podcasting and RSS maps for certain applications where updating information is the goal? The “parts” are there and ready to be assembled into a product.

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