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I have just returned from the Informed Solutions international conference held this year in Estepona, Spain. I presented an overview of the Ordnance Survey and a stab at the dynamics of the future Geodata market.

This was my first time at this conference and I must admit I was rather impressed by the format, a few industry figures, a few of Informed customers and a large proportion of Informed Solutions staff spent a couple of days discussing GI strategy, enabling technologies, organisational issues and successful case studies. What I think stood out was the lack of “hard sell” and the spirt of openess that resulted, I got the feeling that everybody there, was there, with the expectation to learn something!

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I like the format of your website and the openness of your thoughts and ideas. It is very refreshing to consider wider mainstream step changes such as Napster and Amazon and reflect how thay may impact and change the dynamics of our industry to make GI more open and accessible in a much wider context than it is now.

Thank you for bringing these ideas to Informed’s International Conference, your presentation sparked real thought and debate.

Best regards,


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