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Another case of technology indigestion ?

So Autodesk makes other acquisition to add to its GIS portfolio, in this case C-PLAN the Swiss developer of municipal applications built on Oracle Spatial. In my time at Autodesk C-PLAN were an excellent partner in the German speaking parts of Europe, with very good solutions using Autodesk Map and MapGuide linked to a single corporate repository in Oracle.
So what now happens with the other big Autodesk technology acquisition, the Autodesk Design Server which came with VISION purchase – a product with now very little visibility in the market.

Acquisitions of technology companies is seldom easy, and Autodesk has not had the best record in the past few years – who remembers Autodesk World ? the product of Automated Methods (Pty) ltd an acquisition of now 10 years ago.
Why is it so difficult – well for Autodesk I think the issue has been and may still be the focus on Autocad based solutions, particularly in the Autodesk partner channel which makes the marketing and successful exploitation of something “different” difficult. With an established portfolio of products, the introduction of a new ‘alien” technology needs careful management to achieve sucessful integration – a very simple question needs to be answered – WHERE DOES IT FIT ?

Autodesk is not alone in suffering from this technology indigestion, but I wish them better luck this time.

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