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Addressing the address problem

After a massive amount of work behind the scenes involving many Ordnance Survey, ODPM, Local Authority and Royal Mail staff a solution to the creation of maintaining a national address database has been announced.

For those not aware of the scale of the problem, many places in Britain that don’t get mail delivered to them (e.g. Churches, Sports pavilions etc) don’t have a recognised address. A real problem if you need to get services delivered to them.

In the past, attempts to build a definitive address database have failed because they represented the view of a single organisation or industry – key to this new effort is partnership.

All the main stakeholders will be involved in the creation of the National Spatial Address Infrastructure (NSAI), insuring it meets the collective needs of the country.

There will be for sure some interesting technological challenges to solve to deliver this database as a maintained operation system, but across the stakeholder community there is a combined expertise which will ultimately deliver success.

I hope an example of joined-up government in action!!

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