Just a few more seconds… taking control of my mobile.

How many times have you missed a call because your mobile has diverted to voicemail after a few rings?. A search of the web came up with a solution – changing the time it takes for a call to divert is something which needs to be set on the network not your phone.
So for fellow Vodafone users, your just need to do the following…

1) Key the following shortcode and then press SEND
This returns you your voicemail number which normally you get to by dialing 121

2) Now enter the following code using the number from step 1 and press SEND
where xxxx is you voicemail number in international format and NN is the number of seconds before the call is diverted ( This needs to be an increment of 5 in the range of 5 to 30).

So if your voicemail number is 07878 298399 and you wanted a 20 second delay you would key..
**61*+447878298399*10*20 #

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

One reply on “Just a few more seconds… taking control of my mobile.”

Hello Ed,
I totally agree with you, i was really amazed to see that someone else is thinking at the same frequency as i am ! The point here is it should be as painless as possible to the end user and at the same time you can also cut on communication costs as the user does not need to send yes or no for hundred and one pops asking him to enter that and this! I also think with this transperant architecture it would be possible to build applications that make the surrounding environment converge into location aware environments, an example could be when a user enters a predefined geographic boundary he will be informed that “he can get his fav pizza a few steps away from where he is”

I think there will be a major competition soon on these kind of applications, its only that it takes some time before someone realises it.


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