GITA Day 2

A good presentation by Peter Batty of Ten Sails which introduced the concept of Sentient Computing, I guess an extension of using Geographic Information to provide context to other systems. For example the flow of a patient moving through a hospital along with their records could be tracked, if the two were separated an alarm would be activated. Another example could be the reconfiguration of a meeting room to suit the needs of its occupants. These application rely on accurate short range location determination technology based on things like RFID tags but as Peter pointed out the technology is not there yet.

My worry is that when the technology becomes mature as it has with mainstream LBS application developers will still take the conservative user activated view of services, so that rather that automatically offering services tailored for you based on your location you must ask for them through some clunky interface.

Written and submitted from my hotel room using the in-room high speed internet connection

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