Google Earth neogeography Thoughts

Plazes in Google Earth

Despite a few hiccups with the latest Plazer client, I’m sticking with my experiment of using Plazes to track my presence and location. I’m glad I have because, the very interested data behind plazes has now been exposed in the form of a plazes KML file. This is really neat, by logging in you can […]


The half-life of an LBS app..

Is around 5 years ?? Well I would estimate that is the case from the imminent closure of Plazes, one of the earliest Location Sharing applications developed back in 2004. I used Plazes on and off for a few years starting on my first real smartphone the Nokia N95 and for a while it powered […]

GIS web 2.0


You can almost sense the building excitement around the development of “Neogeography” services and applications, following on from yesterdays very positive news from Plazes, I have just realised that I am presenting at the Geoware event next month with its founder Felix Petersen. Geoware is the perfect example of the new more innovative approach now […]