Concorde 216 G-BOAF, Bristol England

The Last Concorde..

Alpha Foxtrot was the last Concorde to be built completed in 1979 and was the last Concorde to fly arriving at it’s current resting place back at the Filton Factory where it was originally constructed on 26th November 2003. The Concorde version of the Circle of Life then…

The Filton airfield is like Concorde itself no longer operational except for some emergency helicopter traffic and as a result of this Alpha Foxtrot is currently one of the least accessible airframes.

For a few years following its arrival in 2003 there was a pre-booked tour of aircraft necessary because the aircraft is parked with the Airbus Factory site at Filton, however this was stopped in 2010 and the opportunity to get close to this particular aircraft awaits the completion of the new Aerospace Bristol Museum next year.

As a result about the only view of Alpha Fox now possible if from the opposite of the airfield near the Nissan Garage on Hayes Way.

Poor Alpha Foxtrot was not really wanted by British Airways, it was hoped that aircraft 216 could be sold to British Caledonian or Singapore Airlines  by British Aerospace,  but with no other buyers coming forward the legend is that British Airways paid the nominal price of £1000 for the Airframe, and £100 each for the four Olympus 593 engines


So one of the more disappointing of my Concorde visits,  but I’m pleased with my progress so far.. five visited with thirteen to do and 332 day left to visit them !


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