Links for 12 March 2008

POSIPIX – Geo-referenced Stock Photos With the geo-tagging of photos trend really taking off, a neat service for those looking for stock photos organised by place.. limited to a few cities but a cool idea. Thanks to Sanjay for the link 10 must have aps for your Symbian Phone Nice to see Google well represented, […]

Data Policy Ordnance Survey web 2.0

Zillow move should allow other small scale experiments

Last weeks announcement on the Zillow blog that is was releasing its neighbourhood boundary data to the community in Shapefile format is the story of the year so far… (ok so we are only a few weeks in… but this is important) Zillow is the US Real Estate web site that uses much web 2.0 […]

Data Policy opensource

OpenAerialMap – Think Open Street Map for imagery..

As happens in this world of constant communications, I heard of the new OpenAerialMap site via an IM chat with Jeff Johnson of PictEarth on Sunday lunchtime ! The idea behind OAM is for it to become an online repository for community generated aerial photography, sourced from Kites, Low cost UAV’s , etc. I’m sure […]