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Web 2.0 and the public sector

I often get asked to talk about the impacts of technology and user expectation change, the Web 2.0 effect, to conferences aimed at public sector audiences. The points I make are also illustrated in the excellent article by Eric Woods of Ovum at For my old colleagues in various Government Departments around the world […]

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Ordnance Survey embraces UGC.. it’s a start

No hell has not frozen over, Ordnance Survey finally launched their explore portal this week, a site designed for walkers, hikers, cyclists and anyone interested in the outdoors to share their walks and favourite places. Although this is nothing new, platial after all offered similar functionality a few years ago, this has been a long […]

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Academic 2.0

This evening I went along to my old haunt Kingston University to attend a lecture giving by a past colleague, Jonathan Briggs to mark him becoming Professor of eCommerce at the University. The Talk entitled “eCommerce 2.0: How AJAX, blogging, mashups, search engines and social networks are changing business” pretty much did as is says […]

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The Power of Information Report – connecting to the mashup generation

Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg have completed, their important review of the potential value of Government generated information, when combined with citizen contributed information and tools. The Power of Information review commissioned by the cabinet office, is a very important report in my opinion – noting the value of Public Sector information, but also recognising […]

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Google search extended to KML – Wake up everybody

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Google announced that its main search engine is now able to search and parse KML files, the native file format for Google Earth. This was widely reported in the blogosphere but with little comment, I’m not sure most mainstream GIS users are even aware of the news.. […]