AfricaMap – GSDI 2.0 ?

As highlighted by Keir on the excellent Google Maps Mania last week,  AfricaMap is an interesting  attempt to build a repository of geospatial data about Africa, developed by the Center for Geographic analysis at Harvard University.   What is interesting about this site, is both the scope of the project and the approach taken. From decades many individuals, groups and organisations have been trying to develop Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) at […]

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Place matters: the Location Strategy for the UK

Finally after an extended delay the Dept of Communities and Local Government has published the UK location strategy, Place matters. The blueprint for a UK Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), or an extended job application for someone in Southampton… You decide ! Written and submitted from the Google Office, London.

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GSDI 10 – Despite best intentions, slow progress but a new outlook ?

For the last 15 years the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) have been working hard to co-ordinate national and local governments, NGO’s, international institutions and other organisations to develop local, national, regional and then hopefully one day a global GIS database along with the polices to access it. Last week I attended and made […]


INSPIRE Day – First impressions

A number of press releases including those from the Commission, the Finnish Presidency Website and the European Parliament all provide limited detail as to the final text of the INSPIRE directive, which was agreed late yesterday as a result of a formal conciliation process. Although the actual agreed text of the directive does not appear […]