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DIY Drones

Following on from my post on their very cool technology, Jeff at PictEarth has pointed me in the direction of the DIY Drones website set up by Chris Anderson. Yes that is the Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired and Author of The Long Tail – Shame on you if you had not heard of him […]

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Heads-up : The State of the Map

If you really want to take the temperature of the wider GI community this weekends The State of the Map meeting in Manchester should be well worth the trip. The potential for community generated geo data is now recognised by many of the major commercial providers of Geodata, and I’m hearing rumours that the much […]

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Neogeography.. it was just a dream..

Imagine waking up in the beautiful Portuguese city of Porto and finding out the past two years of your life were a dream… All that talk of GeoRSS, Map Mash-ups, KML, User generated My Maps, The GeoWEB and Paris Hilton were all part of a dream. We it felt a bit like that on the […]

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Plazes in Google Earth

Despite a few hiccups with the latest Plazer client, I’m sticking with my experiment of using Plazes to track my presence and location. I’m glad I have because, the very interested data behind plazes has now been exposed in the form of a plazes KML file. This is really neat, by logging in you can […]

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Google Developer Day – BBC leads the mash-ups revolution..

As a follow up to the Google Developer Day event last week , has a great article on the adoption of mash-up culture at the BBC and their brilliant backstage project. For other content owning organisations BBC Backstage sets a great example highlighting the way that forward thinking licensing of information can really aid […]