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Nokia courts Navteq

How serious is Nokia about the LBS and Local Search space, well at least $7bn is would appear if today’s report in the Wall Street Journal is accurate. Following the Tom-Tom play for Tele Atlas, Navteq was always going to be up next. At $7bn this makes the Tele Atlas deal of approx €2bn look […]


A great birthday present : Pixelmator

Today the long anticipated Pixelmator image editing application for the Mac was released, and for me it is quite a birthday present. For a long time I have used Photoshop which was too complicated for my needs, or Photoshop Elements which was just too windows like. Pixelmator the product of London Brothers Saulius and Aidas […]

Chelsea Thoughts

Madness !!

If you are looking for GIS stuff, move on. As a business, a premiership football team is the property of its owners, so in this case of course Abramovich can do as he pleases.. but the departure of Jose Mourinho is just Madness. As a result, my predicted squad for the United game on Sunday […]

AGI GIS neogeography

AGI 2007 Here come the neogeographers

Just got back from the 2007 AGI conference, which I thought was a massive improvement on previous years events. Steven Feldman and his team at the AGI have done a great job downscaling the event, and taking a new direction as a residential conference for the GI industry to talk to itself. The GI industry […]

Nokia N95 Technology

Stephen Fry and the iphone

I can now count the days until I get my sticky hands on a iphone, get ready to find out my new phone number in November as I and many others transfer to 02 – the only carrier I have not used so far in the UK funny enough. Despite the fact that it is […]