Google Earth

The Earth just moved for me..

For the first time in my many trips to the valley, I felt the earth move this evening as the San Francisco Bay area experienced a moderate earthquake. Of course as soon as I could I looked online at the USGS site, and within minutes the KML of the epicentre was there to view – […]


Google Earth PhotoOverlay tool

Seems that everytime I’m in Mountain View, Andy and the guys at CASA build a really useful tool, (so I need to do this trip more often) their PhotoOverlay tool, is a great help in exploiting my favourite feature of Google Earth 4.2 as demonstrated by one of my holiday pictures above. Now if someone […]

AGI GIS neogeography Thoughts

Calling Neogeographers.. UK Dinosaurs need your help!

OK so just a little tongue in cheek, but the AGI team behind the annual UK GI conference would like input in bringing in the perspective of the “Neo-geographers” in planning next years event. This is a great idea, let’s hope that enough people in the new world of users of GI find such organisations […]

Google Maps opensource

OSM on the iPhone.. not in Dubai !!

I have just returned home from a well earned family vacation in Dubai, a destination that is a cross between SimCity and Disneyland as my wife describes it. Of course I took my laptop along to keep up with email and stuff, and was thus quite impressed to see Mikel’s post about getting OSM onto […]

neogeography OGC virtual earth

Welcome back.. Microsoft rejoins the OGC

In another example of the overlap between neo and paleogeography Microsoft announced yesterday on their Virtual Earth Blog that they have rejoined the Open Geospatial Consortium the industry standards body for “professional” GIS. Along with the new support for KML in virtual earth, I would say the geoweb is beginning to develop quite nicely ! […]