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No my blog has not been hacked, but to help the other Dad’s out there who will come across this problem here are the instructions to set the time on a Brio Watch.

Not heard of them, you don’t have a tweenager then.

My Daughter returned from her hols with her new watch..”Dad can you set it ?”

“Of course..”

20 minutes later.. “OK do you have the instructions”


One hour of fruitless searching on the web later.. the instructions were found, and the problem of a very sensitive “m” button resolved by a sharper pencil, everybody happy again.

To save you the time, here are the instructions.. just keep pushing button “m” even though it seems not to be working !

Breo Watch Instructions (click to enlarge)

Love being a Dad !

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I bought 2 of these for christmas – son & daughter, got frustrated over christmas too busy etc, do tried again tonight and assumed I was doing it wrong, well just being able to enlarge the instructions was a huge help – so many thanks Ed and then to everyone else for their comments too, what a brilliant idea to put it online!! Thanks loads, Sharon 2

thank you so much, I bought a mystery parcel containing 3 gifts, the watch was one of the gifts. Too bad there were no instructions to set it, thank goodness you were able to help. As a rule I never wear jewellery as I find it irritating, but don’t even notice I have breo watch on so will keep it for myself. Was going to pass it on hahah.

just noticed after posting comment the instructions were on the floor they must have fallen out when I opened packaging and I didn’t notice. The instructions are so small no way could I read them, only people with perfect sight would be able to read them. Thanks again

Thanks! And BTW with the watch Breo “Spin” – it’s great that it also displays the date. But the display only shows the time and there’s no button or anything like that to show the date!

this is the most pointless watch. i found this having a little look at how to set it, but as a few of you said, the time DOES NOT STAY. i have set it a few times, flashing breo, no flashing breo, with time and date flashing, without time and date flashing. but i’ve never once seen the minutes move automatically! the worst thing is…. i have two!!

Grah, throwing them in the bin

Wish I had seen these comments two days ago before buying my Breo roam at duty free Bangkok. It’s been driving me crazy for two days. The watch from hell. Now I realize it’s not the battery, not setting it incorrectly, but it’s just the watch itself. Why this watch keeps selling is beyond me other than naive people like myself aren’t aware that it’s a fun looking piece of garbage. Absolute money down the drain…(:

And I thought it was just me having problems! I’ve already sent one back and am about to do the same with the replacement. It absolutely refuses to keep time correctly and the first one I had, the buttons on the back stopped working – probably ‘cos I was continually pressing them trying to correct the time..aargh! But maybe I’l try the paper / foil wedge trick before giving up completely…. or I could just keep it as a bracelet 😉

Thank you so much I almost threw the watch out because I couldnt work out how to set it. Really appreciate you having those instructions online!

saved my life! Thank you sooo much. But they are really hard to manipulate. Hurts my fingers each time. But they are great during summer.

Hi I received my breo watch for my birthday ( July ) and it hasn’t worked yet!! Now the screen is just blank my brother in law and my husband have now both given up, where do I go now? The screen is just blank it occasionally flashes on but always goes back to the blank screen? Do I need a new battery? Where would I get one? Or are we been dim and not setting it right? Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give on this. Michelle

Michelle, sounds like there is something wrong with the watch.. maybe just a poor connection to the battery – but a replacement is needed!

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