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No my blog has not been hacked, but to help the other Dad’s out there who will come across this problem here are the instructions to set the time on a Brio Watch.

Not heard of them, you don’t have a tweenager then.

My Daughter returned from her hols with her new watch..”Dad can you set it ?”

“Of course..”

20 minutes later.. “OK do you have the instructions”


One hour of fruitless searching on the web later.. the instructions were found, and the problem of a very sensitive “m” button resolved by a sharper pencil, everybody happy again.

To save you the time, here are the instructions.. just keep pushing button “m” even though it seems not to be working !

Breo Watch Instructions (click to enlarge)

Love being a Dad !

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Thank you so much for putting these instructions on I have had 2 breo watches since June last year and have never been able to set the time. So again many thanks


I managed to set the wrong time on my breo and now EVEN after reading the instructions i can’t seem to change the time on it? Any body know how to do it. I have done the whole A button thing and it doesnt seem to work. Please help.

I don’t understand peoples problems with setting this watch. It’s simple. There are two buttons on the back, the top one toggles through date & time elements and the lower one changes those numbers. When all is set toggle through until the Breo symbol flashes on the main time. Done, the same principals as setting any other digital watch although a little more difficult to see the digits you are changing while you are pressing the buttons!

Thanks to Alistair though for the battery wedging idea, brilliant (although I haven’t tried it yet). I noticed it was whenever you squeezed or bumped the watch it reset. Trouble is you have to have a firm grip on it to put it on and that can reset it. I really like the watch so I didn’t want to return it so I’m off to wedged a piece of paper in the loose battery! 🙂

So. . . . . . . . . . . . . I wedged a piece of paper in but that caused the battery not to connect with the metal casing. The solution; wrap a small sliver of paper in tin foil. All working now and no random resets! 🙂

Thanks for battery packing/wedging tip, it prompted me to take my wife’s apart and I found some gunk under the battery. Also squeezed down the little tab on the battery holder rather than using paper/foil and it seems to work. Battery is a LR626 / 177 for reference. Thanks for the help!

hi every one, i do too have the problem where it resets it self , but its not because of the bumping the battery etc, it just does it every 2-3 days and it is extremely annoying having to take it off to redo the time, has anyone got any tips, im open to all suggestions, much obliged.

I am going to hunt down the person who invented these watches and make him or her eat every one of these bloody things my wife has bought

How do you get this Breo to work I have followed the instructions the Breo is flashing and it’s still telling me it’s 6 25 so any help will be great

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