Data Policy

For transport data, OpenGov actions can speak louder than words

If you have ever wondered why there is such great public transport information available around the world on Google Maps compared to the UK, this Early Day Motion from Tom Watson MP will give you a major clue. So here is a great opportunity to test Government rhetoric about making government data that would be useful for […]


Google Geo University comes to Uganda

I have been fortunate to attend the AfricaGIS Conference over the last week, which also coincided with the opening of the Google Uganda Office here in Kampala. The conference attracted around 500 people, and was the something that Google was keen to support by providing sponsorship, but also by using it as a opportunity to carry out […]

opensource Thoughts

Data licenses for the geoweb

Andrew summarises  with clarity the current state of licensing for “open” geodata on his blog. This is going to be an emerging theme over the next year as more data becomes available and there is greater awareness of the immature state of data licensing compared to software licensing. When I touched upon the subject over the summer is was within […]

where 2.0

Where 2.0 Online Conference

Here’s an interesting idea, the first Where 2.0 Online Conference organised by O’Reilly – a online mini where 2.0 with a focus on LBS and AR developments on the iPhone. This could be the future of conferences, after all for many the trek to the West Coast is both time consuming and expensive and something you […]


TomTom Go I-90 the end of the line for PND’s ?

The TomTom Go I-90 reports Engadget is a satnav that is built for permanent installation in the DIN slot of your cars dashboard. This immediately caught my interest as I want to replace the factory fit system in my 5 year old Nissan X-Trail, becase it is no longer possible to get map updates for it. […]