Sense / Nonsense

A very sensible report in today’s independent rebuts the nonsense reported in the Daily Mail last week.


My house has a duck egg blue door in case you are interested..

Still I can die happy knowing that it some small way I have upset the Daily Mail 🙂


  1. BeadieJay, G.E.C. Mod

    The Google cam-car came down my road the same day as the article appeared in the Daily Mail, which was great timing as it confirmed to me that it was a Google car. I can’t wait to see if I can see myself looking out of my window!! Some people will complain about anything, personally, I think it’s a great initiative – I just hope Google get permission to let it go live despite all the techno-phobes complaining.

  2. Tony Battle

    “Daily Mail breeds fear and hate”. Imagine if they printed that as a headline confession. Disgusting example of many things wrong with certain threads of UK mindset. Why I cannot come home from my European exile.
    Daily Mail: makes neither sensible reading, fire lighting material of toilet paper.
    Oh yeah..dont forget to read page 5 for your daily fix of gay hate and self righteous clergy governance.

  3. Steve Williams

    As taking and publishing photographs in a public place in the UK is not yet a criminal offence, (unless the place to be photographed is a prohibited place), I fail to see why Google taking photographs by driving down a public street is causing so much legal fuss. Mind you, if Google did it in France they’d probably need Model Release Forms for everyone photographed!

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