To see further you need to build new telescopes

A much needed call to action from Alex Singleton, but I don't underestimate how hard this will be to achieve. There remains I'm afraid a cultural view within many Geography Departments against GIS let alone programming and the current generation of students entering higher education have no background in coding from school.   

It's a big challenge, but one I completely support,  programming is becoming established in schools at last, hopefully future geographers will see the development of new tools as the truly creative process it is.

Discoveries in many scientific disciplines are the result of the development of new tools, as Geographers we should not forget this and think about how we can build our new telescopes, the universe of geographic big data needs exploring.


Why Geographers Should Learn to Code · Alex Singleton
Why Geographers Should Learn to Code. 04 Jan 2014 Alex Singleton press Tweet this! This article is published in the January 2014 issue of Geographical Magazine – page 77. In my opinion, a geography curriculum should require students to learn how to code, ensuring that they’re equipped for a …

Why Datums matter..

A nice article that lifts the lid on all the complexity we try to hid with tools like Google Earth.. and explains why the prime meridian at Greenwich is not the same on your iPhone !#blog

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Homeward Bound

It’s great to finally see this story told so well. It’s a truly uplifting demonstration of just what can happen when access to information changes peoples lives..

So for those days when you ask yourself if what you do in geo matters, just watch this video..