Would you like a iPod with that..

No surprises but the 1,650 first year students at Duke University supplied with a ‘free” iPod to help with their studies are not using them as hoped for to enhance their academic studies – no they are using them to listen to music – shock !! A few language students are using them to play back foreign vocab, but it is estimated less than 2% of courses have even attempted to integrate iPod’s into their lecture programmes.

A cheap stunt to entice students to the university then.. how soon will UK universites follow, my old place of work Kingston University like all universites will have to compete increasingly for its students, is it just a matter of time?

There was a time when having a GIS course was enough 🙂

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Back-up or else

Spent a lot of yesterday trying to recover our neighbours teenage boys ibook and then his ipod following a hard disk corruption. Quite a lot of data was lost in both places as a result of some damaged sectors on the ibooks hard disk. The disk problems needed a reformat and re-install of OS X to fix, but as you can guess – no backups in place.

But before we all throw up our hands and rightly point out the error in his is ways, we are talking about 2000 + songs in itunes, Gigabytes of data both to backup and restore, hours of work for an impatient teenager I think not !

Perhaps the missing part of the “digital hub” strategy is not an iphone or a iMac with a TV tuner but some better way to protect our digital lives…

My new blog

After a few years maintaining the familiy blog www.blakeparsons.com I think it is time to try and develop a site more related to my day job and to technology in general. – No kids pictures here. I’m also trying out some different technology, WordPress a php based solution that is dynamic and which will allow me to experiment more. The first experiment a real time weather feed – watch this space..