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OS OpenSpace at last !!

The OS OpenSpace API has finally launched, just weeks before the deadline imposed by the Cabinet Office, with a alpha test phase with the system finally opening up early next year.. I’d love to see comments from anyone who is part of the alpha, but I guess they are under pretty strict NDA at the […]

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Geodata suppliers – lessons from the music industry..

I got myself in trouble on a number of occasions with my old boss when I drew the obvious comparisons between the Geodata industry and the Music Industry, and how Geodata providers needed to move with the times.. It is therefore interesting to see that a least one music industry boss is recognising the mistakes […]

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Ordnance Survey embraces UGC.. it’s a start

No hell has not frozen over, Ordnance Survey finally launched their explore portal this week, a site designed for walkers, hikers, cyclists and anyone interested in the outdoors to share their walks and favourite places. Although this is nothing new, platial after all offered similar functionality a few years ago, this has been a long […]

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No comment – just grab a pint !

I am not going to comment on this weeks Story in the Guardian, as I would never discuss the details of any potential commercial arrangement in public. But I am personally very disappointed for the people at CASA at University College London who have developed a world class 3D city model which could potentially have […]

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The Power of Information Report – connecting to the mashup generation

Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg have completed, their important review of the potential value of Government generated information, when combined with citizen contributed information and tools. The Power of Information review commissioned by the cabinet office, is a very important report in my opinion – noting the value of Public Sector information, but also recognising […]