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Mass-market standards

This week finds me in Sunny Zürich one of Googles Global Engineering hubs, learning how  the Google machine works and trying to catch up on a weeks worth of email.. Last week while I sheltered from the storms lashing New York, (so much for spring as the best time to visit !!) with the family, […]

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The OS at Where 2.0

I’m really pleased to see the Ordnance survey presenting at this years Where 2.0 Conference this May in San Jose, California. Its important because it demonstrates that both “old” geography and neogeograhpy can learn from each other. This was a point well made by Jack Dangermond at last years event, and hopefully Ian and Mikel’s […]

GIS OGC Technology Thoughts now with added GeoRSS

Another one of those things I have been meaning to do for ages, was to implement GeoRSS in the feed for This has been more frustrating that I would have liked, but it now works. Why the frustration, firstly there are three favours of GeoRSS, Simple and GML which you will find documented at […]

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GML Simple Feature at last !

As I blogged a year ago I have been a supporter of the moves to simplify Geographic Markup Language (GML). There are good technical reasons, in particular making feature streaming practical, that require a simpler vocabulary than the full GML 3 specification. But we must also realise that there is a major perception issue that […]


Where 2.0 – The challenge of innovation from the edge

Next week I will be attending the Where 2.0 conference in San Jose, and if it has anything like the impact the conference had last year on the Geographic Information world, it will not disappoint. Although last year saw major announcements from the GYM club, it was the presentations from people like Nathan Eagle and […]