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TBL at 3GSM attacks the walls.

Hope I have not lost you with the acronyms, the translation- Tim Berners-Lee gave in my mind quite an important speech at the 3GSM mobile conference last week. He argues that for the innovation needed to really develop the Mobile Web to take place the industry must adopt open standards and turn away from the […]


Maybe this year..

I have very happy memories of attending 3GSM in 2001 in Cannes with the newly formed Autodesk Location Services, this year 3GSM is a much bigger show, but very few of us in the suite at the Carlton Hotel in 2001 would have thought that in 2007 we would still be waiting for Location Based […]

LBS web 2.0

How much is Neogeography worth ?

Could be quite a lot ! Techcruch report that Plazes the European LBS/Social networking website has raised €2.7 million of VC funding. Not bad for a system with a small but growing user base, OK this is not in the realms of youtube yet, but clearly the potential value of such services is recognised, as […]

GIS LBS Thoughts

The challenge to deliver Location based services

Last week I spent a couple of days with Reuters, as part of their excellent Innovation Programme looking at the potential for new products and services in the next 5-10 years. It is vital for information businesses such as Reuters to do this, as it is for any knowledge business, as the barriers to entry […]

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What the iPhone might mean for LBS ?

According to almost everybody on the internet, at 10am PST on the 9th January next year, at the Moscone Center Steve Jobs will introduce the iPhone, perhaps one of the most anticipated products ever from Apple. There is much speculation as to what the phone will look like and its functionality, and this tends to […]