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The dust settles on NOKTEQ

The Analysts views on the Nokia offer for Navteq makes some interesting reading. Now that the initial excitement is over, the collective view as excellently summarised by Adena at All Points Blog is in some ways surprising. On many occasions these industry experts describe Navteq and for that matter Tele Atlas as GPS companies, clearly […]

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Nokia courts Navteq

How serious is Nokia about the LBS and Local Search space, well at least $7bn is would appear if today’s report in the Wall Street Journal is accurate. Following the Tom-Tom play for Tele Atlas, Navteq was always going to be up next. At $7bn this makes the Tele Atlas deal of approx €2bn look […]

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AGI 2007 Here come the neogeographers

Just got back from the 2007 AGI conference, which I thought was a massive improvement on previous years events. Steven Feldman and his team at the AGI have done a great job downscaling the event, and taking a new direction as a residential conference for the GI industry to talk to itself. The GI industry […]

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No comment – just grab a pint !

I am not going to comment on this weeks Story in the Guardian, as I would never discuss the details of any potential commercial arrangement in public. But I am personally very disappointed for the people at CASA at University College London who have developed a world class 3D city model which could potentially have […]


It’s August.. time for a “people can’t read a map” story

This is actually quite funny, maybe I have discovered a method of telling the time of year from the stories in the press. This time last year, I was sitting in the studio’s of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, about to do a piece about how terrible Satellite Navigation was, and how PND’s are a threat to […]