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Where 2.0 and “Sense of Place”

I’m flying back to the UK to present at the Google Developer Day in London, so my comments on this years Where 2.0 are rather brief. What stood out for me was the recognition of the importance of “sense of place” information, geospatial data that is not traditional cartography, but which is really useful and […]


When you see your life in a museum

If you ever find yourself in Mountain View with a spare hour or so, you really should visit the Computer History Museum. It’s a little strange seeing the computers you have used on museum shelves… guess thats a sign of getting old. Great to see the Brits’s represented by the trio of Sinclair machines, including […]

Google Earth

My new wallpaper..

This week I’m catching up with people at the Googleplex in Mountain View, more mind expansion for me… one of the most drop dead cool things I have seen however has come from London and the increasing impressive Digital Urban blog. Andy and his team at CASA, part of UCL are really extending what we […]

LBS Thoughts

The price of a map on my phone – £0.00

There is a campaign that Mastercard runs in the UK and maybe elsewhere comparing the value of goods and services with the value of Mastercard, of course the value of Mastercard is always priceless ! Well is appears over the past couple of months and with the latest announcement from Motorola picked up by All […]

GIS Thoughts

GeoTEC – GIS Conferences the Canadian way..

This week I’m in Calgary at the GeoTEC 2007 conference, where I was asked to deliver the Keynote and it is proving to be an interesting contrast with conferences back in the UK. Outside of user conferences and a few academic conferences, it is unusual to find particularly technical presentations and workshop sessions – things […]