Google Maps Thoughts

A new urban cartography online

Ok so my head is still spinning… but I just had to comment on the latest development to Google maps which went live yesterday and which provide a “2.5D” view of some major US cities and Tokyo – I just love the simpicity of this rendering, it povides the much needed sense of place, but […]

AGI Thoughts

AGI moves with the times…

The AGI 2007 Conference blogsite is now live, an interesting way to track progress running up to this years AGI conference, which itself is a radical departure from previous years… Make sure you comment if you have anything to say, this type of openness in the way the AGI works should be applauded. I sure […]

Google Earth Google Maps Thoughts

My new office…

You may have picked up on the rumors that I have a new job, well it’s true !! This week I joined Google as the Geospatial Technologist for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and to say I am excited would be somewhat of an understatement. Google (and yes Microsoft and Yahoo as well 🙂 […]

GIS Thoughts

April first..

Nice posting for yesterday by steve on the opengeodata blog, one day maybe ? Still think my MapSat news from last year is hard to beat, like all 01/04 gags it could almost be true… How about a GPS enabled zune, that will tell your location to 5 people within wifi distance of you – […]


Is this the UK’s most expensive wifi hotspot ?

As an “indepepedent” IT executive a much higher awareness of the cost of business becomes part of your life, a point well made by Mike Barrett in his new blog. So today I’m at the Stoneleigh conference centre, south of Coventry in the UK – and the cost of the centres wifi network is enough […]