Geospatial archiving – or how to backup 25,000 iPods

As is often the case the press have not quite got this story right, but pretty close. Although it may not match the perception of “the man on the street”, OS is a data business, and over the past 5 years since I have been working here, the volumes of data we deal with have […]

Technology Thoughts

If YouTube needed the dragons ?

So Google pays nearly £900m for YouTube, well done Chad and Steve !! But just imagine it they had attempted to get investment from the BBC’s Dragons Den programme instead of Sequoia Capital.. Chad and Steve – We have this great idea.. a site where people upload they home videos and then let everybody view […]

GPS Thoughts

Nuvi integrates ‘where’

I remember the first time I used Satellite Navigation (Satnav), it involved a copy of Auto-route on a pentium powered laptop, a serial cable, a Garmin GPS45 receiver and a lot gaffer (duct) tape – but it worked !! In many ways today’s portable satnavs have not really changed the way they work much beyond […]

GIS Oracle Thoughts

Map Search.. How difficult can that be ?

Well actually, more complex than you might at first think… If you have bought a map online from Ordnance Survey in the past couple of weeks you will have used a redesigned store application that features a geographic search capability which recommends mapping products based on location. This is actually a more difficult process than […]

Apple Google Maps GPS

Location comes to iLife

So the mac hackers have been taking apart the latest release of iPhoto and have found details of potential GPS integration and closer ties with Google Maps. MacTelChat reports that there are a number of hidden references in the package which suggest that photos may in the near future be organised by location and mapped […]