Discount for the LBS Summit Europe 2012

I am once again speaking at the LBS summit in Amsterdam this year. The conference is the closest Europe gets to something like the Where conference, and is the must attend conference for the location and mobile marketing industry. There’ll be lots of in-depth discussion, interesting debate and great networking opportunities with over 150 senior […]


A two speed geospatial world ?

“Will A “Geo-Divide” Arise Between Nations In The Future?” Kevin is right on the money with this, although I would argue the timeframes could be compressed by a factor of two.. we are already beginning to see a divide emerging even within Europe.. Street view vs. non-Street view countries for example.. or the ludicrous decision […]

Google Maps StreetView

Universally.. If it’s good for Guildford

        When talking about Google I often mention the mission statement that dates back to the earliest days of Google and has remained a constant despite all of the changes and innovation that have happened since 1998. The statement is actually still fundamental to what happens at Google and is for me a rich […]