AGI Thoughts

A tale of two days in Stratford-upon-Avon

This evening I find myself in Dublin, Ireland looking at my glass of Kilkennys and reflecting on the past two days and the W3G and AGI Geocommunity events in Stratford upon Avon. Is this glass half full or half empty, is the UK GI industry on the way up, or doomed to go the way […]


Argleton it’s back !!

Great fun programme on BBC Radio 4 as part of the Punt PI show this Saturday, how did the mysterious non-village of Argleton appear on Google maps and in your satnav… Like the sound of an Argleton Pie ! Was it a mistake or a conspiracy?  you decide tin foil hats at the ready… Written and submitted […]

Street VIew Thoughts

Germany doomed never to innovate ?

An interesting article by the BBC’s Berlin correspondent on Germany’s problem with Street View. The article suggests part of the reason why Germany seems to have such a problem accepting a service that is used in many other developed countries is a cultural distrust of the new, and an inability to innovate. The article quotes […]

Fun !! Street VIew

Placeroulette anyone..

As a fun demostration of just how extenive StreetView coverage now is, it’s hard to beat Globe Genie, the product of MIT student Joe McMichael. Try it without the Map display to test just how powerful our ability to identify places from just visual clues is or is not 🙂 Can you tell where this […]