Breo Watch Instructions

No my blog has not been hacked, but to help the other Dad’s out there who will come across this problem here are the instructions to set the time on a Brio Watch.

Not heard of them, you don’t have a tweenager then.

My Daughter returned from her hols with her new watch..”Dad can you set it ?”

“Of course..”

20 minutes later.. “OK do you have the instructions”


One hour of fruitless searching on the web later.. the instructions were found, and the problem of a very sensitive “m” button resolved by a sharper pencil, everybody happy again.

To save you the time, here are the instructions.. just keep pushing button “m” even though it seems not to be working !

Breo Watch Instructions (click to enlarge)

Love being a Dad !

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  1. Thank you so much! You have just saved me a great deal of frustration! Thanks for helping the Mums out here too! πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome! I’ve spent the last 20 minutes or so looking for these instructions. Thanks Ed, my wife now thinks I’m a star. It is not only “tweenagers” that have a Breo! Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  3. bought this watch to wear while playin sports, havent been able to wear it as the time keeps going back to 12.00 an hour or so after i set it, can anyone help me with this, regards mark

  4. AAAAH, even after the manual i could not set my watch. Time is running, finally, but i can not set the time correctly. Help! I need!

  5. At last I have set my watch. I also lost the instructions. I did need to use a pin to press the buttons. Many thanks.
    P.S. bet the battery runs out tomorrow.

  6. Don’t take this the wrong way Edm but that is probably the most useful post I’ve read from you in a long while.:-) But then I ain’t been looking lately. Actually it didn’t fix my Breo time-setting angst , but it gave me the reassurance that other people were suffering too. In the end the only way I could fix it was to take the watch apart (2 tiny and 4 teenie-weenie screws) and scrape off the excess sealant which was covering the contact under the ‘M’ button. Not for the faint-hearted; older folks will need their reading glasses.

  7. Don’t bother setting the time, it will NOT stick. You’ll have to reset the watch for like 5-10 times a day!.
    BREO roam, it’s not a watch, it’s something that makes you scream in anger and frustration, a rubber band from hell.

    WaaaaGrhhhh…i’m getting angry when i write about it…..sorry!


  8. Yes they are waterproof to 10m but gain or lose time in extreme temps. I wore mine in a cool pool then in a hot shower and it gained 6 minutes, hence I’m now looking here on how to adjust the time!!

  9. Thank’s Sharon. Only problem was i set it an hour fast and couldn’t be bothered to change it. Too much hassle! Now though i’ve noticed that it seems to be going slow, so it will probably catch up with itself soon!!

  10. Hi thanks found your instructions after much serching after
    my daughter was given one of these as a presant for her birthday.
    Took ages to set then kept going wrong. I serched long and hard for
    instructions. Thanks for posting them on web, it has helped
    although i still think the watch is going to go wrong and then i
    will once again have a disapointed child, anyway thanks for
    instruction which i have now saved to help in future

  11. My husband and I purchased a few of the Breo roam watches
    as presents. Some of them are also having the problem where the
    time resets itself to 12 after wearing it. this is a strange one as
    we left my husbands watch on the coffee table all day and the time
    was correct, he then wore it for about an hour and it reset itself
    to 12. If anyone out there can help I will be eternally

  12. @Anne Chapman – I found this site yesterday when searching
    for the same problem with my daughter’s watch. I managed to resolve
    it last night so came back to post my response and saw that you’ve
    added a post along the same lines, so I hope I can help you! First,
    check if the problem is the same. Tap the watch on the side or
    knock it lightly on a table; if it resets from a bump it’s the same
    thing I had. The problem was the battery was too loose in its
    housing so any bump means it loses contact and resets. I fixed it
    with a very basic solution. I took the watch apart and then took a
    thin strip of paper which I folded in half, and then half again,
    etc until I had a firm but small wad. I placed this on top of the
    battery housing, held in place with a tiny piece of sticky putty.
    Then I carefully reassembled the watch – it was a bit harder to get
    the screws done, what with the added thickness, but this has the
    effect of pushing down on the battery so it can’t move. I let the
    time run on a bit and then tapped and bumped it quite a bit and the
    time has stayed on – I tested it again this morning and it hasn’t
    reset. The only expense was a few pounds I spent on a screwdriver

    1. Thank you. I just got the Breo watch and this was really bugging me and I thought about sending it back. This simple solution makes sense and I will try today.

  13. @ Alistair Archibald: Thank you for your insightful and helpful comment! My Mother brought myself and my Girlfriend one of these back from holiday (along with herself and husband) and mine, hers and my Step-Dad’s was resetting itself to 12:00am… I’d always look at mine about two minutes after it had reset itself! 12:02am all the time! I’ve since done what you’ve said and their all working fine! (My Girlfriend had never had the problem, so it seems only some of them were a little ‘hit and miss’).

  14. hi
    Now living away from my Dad
    needed to do it for myself today
    wasn’t able to wait till I go home again
    but no doubt I’ll have plenty other things for him
    to solve by then ! It never ends daughters always
    relay on their dads to fix things!

  15. hy, my Breo has quite a few problems, after I set the time proparly it jumps 2 hr and then drops some more hr and then i found out that the date resets itself, what’s the problem, is it the batery, I would realy like to keep my watch, but if it works like that I am not going to be able to use it. Thank you

  16. My daughter had exactly the same problem as Alistair with a loose battery resetting the time back to 12:00. I used his solution and the watch seems to work ok now. Thanks Alistair. Nice one!

  17. Whats the point of having a Date & Month setting, when you can’t look at it without taking the watch off and using a pen/pencil to press the toggle button.

    Oh no i’ve gone cross-eyed!

  18. Thank you so much for putting these instructions on I have had 2 breo watches since June last year and have never been able to set the time. So again many thanks

  19. Hi

    I managed to set the wrong time on my breo and now EVEN after reading the instructions i can’t seem to change the time on it? Any body know how to do it. I have done the whole A button thing and it doesnt seem to work. Please help.

  20. I don’t understand peoples problems with setting this watch. It’s simple. There are two buttons on the back, the top one toggles through date & time elements and the lower one changes those numbers. When all is set toggle through until the Breo symbol flashes on the main time. Done, the same principals as setting any other digital watch although a little more difficult to see the digits you are changing while you are pressing the buttons!

    Thanks to Alistair though for the battery wedging idea, brilliant (although I haven’t tried it yet). I noticed it was whenever you squeezed or bumped the watch it reset. Trouble is you have to have a firm grip on it to put it on and that can reset it. I really like the watch so I didn’t want to return it so I’m off to wedged a piece of paper in the loose battery! πŸ™‚

  21. So. . . . . . . . . . . . . I wedged a piece of paper in but that caused the battery not to connect with the metal casing. The solution; wrap a small sliver of paper in tin foil. All working now and no random resets! πŸ™‚

  22. Thanks for battery packing/wedging tip, it prompted me to take my wife’s apart and I found some gunk under the battery. Also squeezed down the little tab on the battery holder rather than using paper/foil and it seems to work. Battery is a LR626 / 177 for reference. Thanks for the help!

  23. hi every one, i do too have the problem where it resets it self , but its not because of the bumping the battery etc, it just does it every 2-3 days and it is extremely annoying having to take it off to redo the time, has anyone got any tips, im open to all suggestions, much obliged.

    1. I am going to hunt down the person who invented these watches and make him or her eat every one of these bloody things my wife has bought

  24. How do you get this Breo to work I have followed the instructions the Breo is flashing and it’s still telling me it’s 6 25 so any help will be great

  25. Thank you so much. I bought mine on the aeroplane on the way back from skiing in Italy last December. I only just found your instructions. Thank you very much. You were a great help <3

  26. Thank you so much, Katherine for the link to detailed instructions!! I got it work, finally πŸ™‚ There is NO way I wold have worked this out from the original instructions supplied with the watch…..

  27. Can’t believe this is designed to be a practical watch that you can use while playing sports but it resets itself at even the slightest of bumps.. I suppose you get what you pay for!

  28. thanks for that my watch now says the right time your instructions saved a lot of frustration !!!!! πŸ˜€ thank you so much :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  29. Thank you – you are brilliant! I found one of these watches in a local “swap shop,” & couldn’t figure it out, You saved me loads of time & it ended up being really simple! Thank you thank you!

  30. I have just taken the battery out to wedge some tin foil in – what an annoying little blighter this watch is.

    More to the point with SO MANY problems/complaints about this watch how on earth is it still on the market for sale?

    I don’t understand why Breo is still in business.

  31. Thanks heaps for the help with the watch….the main thing that helped me were the instructions and the fact I needed a pin to change it….thank you so much!!!!

  32. Thanks so much for these instructions, so much easier to understand than the little flap on the watch!! I’ve had it going for about half an hour and all seems well, but after peoples comments about the time resetting etc, i shall keep my eye on it and if this happens I’ll use your solutions πŸ™‚ thanks so much again!

  33. I bought 2 of these for christmas – son & daughter, got frustrated over christmas too busy etc, do tried again tonight and assumed I was doing it wrong, well just being able to enlarge the instructions was a huge help – so many thanks Ed and then to everyone else for their comments too, what a brilliant idea to put it online!! Thanks loads, Sharon 2

  34. thank you so much, I bought a mystery parcel containing 3 gifts, the watch was one of the gifts. Too bad there were no instructions to set it, thank goodness you were able to help. As a rule I never wear jewellery as I find it irritating, but don’t even notice I have breo watch on so will keep it for myself. Was going to pass it on hahah.

  35. just noticed after posting comment the instructions were on the floor they must have fallen out when I opened packaging and I didn’t notice. The instructions are so small no way could I read them, only people with perfect sight would be able to read them. Thanks again

  36. Thanks! And BTW with the watch Breo “Spin” – it’s great that it also displays the date. But the display only shows the time and there’s no button or anything like that to show the date!

  37. this is the most pointless watch. i found this having a little look at how to set it, but as a few of you said, the time DOES NOT STAY. i have set it a few times, flashing breo, no flashing breo, with time and date flashing, without time and date flashing. but i’ve never once seen the minutes move automatically! the worst thing is…. i have two!!

    Grah, throwing them in the bin

  38. Wish I had seen these comments two days ago before buying my Breo roam at duty free Bangkok. It’s been driving me crazy for two days. The watch from hell. Now I realize it’s not the battery, not setting it incorrectly, but it’s just the watch itself. Why this watch keeps selling is beyond me other than naive people like myself aren’t aware that it’s a fun looking piece of garbage. Absolute money down the drain…(:

  39. And I thought it was just me having problems! I’ve already sent one back and am about to do the same with the replacement. It absolutely refuses to keep time correctly and the first one I had, the buttons on the back stopped working – probably ‘cos I was continually pressing them trying to correct the time..aargh! But maybe I’l try the paper / foil wedge trick before giving up completely…. or I could just keep it as a bracelet πŸ˜‰

  40. Thank you so much I almost threw the watch out because I couldnt work out how to set it. Really appreciate you having those instructions online!

  41. saved my life! Thank you sooo much. But they are really hard to manipulate. Hurts my fingers each time. But they are great during summer.

  42. Hi I received my breo watch for my birthday ( July ) and it hasn’t worked yet!! Now the screen is just blank my brother in law and my husband have now both given up, where do I go now? The screen is just blank it occasionally flashes on but always goes back to the blank screen? Do I need a new battery? Where would I get one? Or are we been dim and not setting it right? Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give on this. Michelle

    1. Michelle, sounds like there is something wrong with the watch.. maybe just a poor connection to the battery – but a replacement is needed!

  43. Does anyone know a simple way of showing the date on a Breo ‘Spin’ just the only way I know is by taking it off and faffing around with a pen to press the tiny M button. Alternating time and date would be useful but any solution would be appreciated!

  44. Reading this has really cheered me up. After spending all day trying to set it, I’ve just figured out that if I squeeze my breo it resets….. Knowing I’m not alone with the pen faffing and grunting has made my day πŸ™‚

  45. I found the instructions a month ago:
    …but just found the right size battery replacement this week.
    Pressing the A button twice doesn’t put it into date/time change mode. Pressing the M button once shows the date for two seconds (pressing A button in this mode does nothing), pressing M button twice shows the seconds (pressing A while in this mode resets the seconds to zero, but then they immediately resume forward progression), pressing M button three times brings it back to time (pressing A button once, twice, five times, held down, etc. in this mode does nothing). And all of this is on the back of the face with ball point pen. Basically this thing is a piece of garbage, amirite?

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